◆What is “Oshi-Katsu(=action for Recommendation)”?
The term “Oshi-Katsu” refers to activities to support idols, actors, celebrities, anime characters, and other objects that you have fallen in love with, and it is one of the words that has become established as you hear and see more and more often, such as being nominated for the 2021 Trend Word of the Year award.



◆”Oshi-Shohi(=consume for Recommendation)” supports the economy and consumption
The term “Oshi-Shohi” has been coined.
People who feel that they can do their best in school, club activities, and work because they have (or have) a “Oshi(=Recommendation)” spend money for their “Oshi” and companies are also using various methods of “Oshi” marketing.

Our experienced staff, who have handled numerous movie and character licenses (copyrights) in Japan and Taiwan, can help you plan campaigns and commercialize products using visuals (photos and illustrations) of popular movies and characters.

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